Sick Babies

Hey! glad you guys tuned in. I’ve been wanting to write about this subject for a while because I went nuts searching the internet when my baby got sick. I know, Pinterest was my go to but there was limited things you could do.

I’ll take that fast forward button now to skip to the part where my baby is aaallll better. Not that simple! Unfortunately we live through both good and bad. Sometimes the bad does seem to last much longer while we are going through it. This is just from one mommy to another hoping it helps and we get to enjoy those glorious moments with our little ones.

So what I did was start thinking about what I did when I got sick and I was pregnant. Bingo! I went and searched for my vaporizer and boy was I happy to see it. I have a basic Vick’s brand vaporizer and it did it’s job. (We have the master bedroom which is fairly large and it covered the whole room.) I would put it on every night once my Mila would fall asleep. Another thing I did was buy Maty’s All Natural Chest Rub ( and rubbed that on her chest, back and feet (apply socks on feet right after) and bundled her up. Also I used the NoseFrida everytime she had a runny nose to really get rid of that mucus.

The last thing I did a few times a week was bring to boil some Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Two whole Lemons (not squeezed or cut up). I waited until the water was warm and I bathed her in just that. She loved it! so that worked out. My baby never got anything more than a cough and a runny nose. Very thankful for that and all that was gone within the week and I got rid of it doing these things. I hope if you have a sick baby they get better soon, because it’s just as tough on the momma as it is on the baby to be sick. Lots of love guys!!


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