Organic Coconut Oil in My Life

Hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far. So I’ve heard several stories on different uses of coconut oil and I’m one that has to “See to Believe” and this post will be about my actual experiences with the product.

What I can say is quality does matter. I tried a product from your regular super market and even though it said didn’t really seem that way. I thought maybe i’d still give it a go since it would be my first time. I went home and started using it on my hair and it felt okay, but it didn’t have that WOW factor that Pinterest users were raving about.What did I do wrong?

Let me tell you, that product took sooo long to finish. I felt that it took a year. Great price, not so much the quality. So what do you look for when you shop for Coconut Oil. Pay attention to detail first off. Make sure you read the label to really know what you are getting. I went with an Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Virgin Oil by Simply Nature.( If you saw my last post on Instagram you’ll see the picture of the actual product and I’ll put the link below.) I had fallen in love. All it took was one touch and I was sold. I felt the difference in texture and it was amazing, not to mention I found it for just $4.99.

So this is when I really started using it in my life. I stated by massaging it on to my scalp as a hair mask. Left it in for an hour and this is what everyone was posting about. I had truly seen for myself what this product could do. I had soft silky hair with shine and no grease, it’s quite extraordinary. I was obsessed with what I could apply this product to. Soon it became my:

  • Face and Body Moisturizer
  • Make up Remover
  • Lip Balm
  • Teeth whitener (with baking soda)
  • eczema reliever for Mila and I

The list could go on and on. I highly suggest this product to be in your home. This is a more organic way for your body to intake daily care without the extra chemicals and is perfectly safe around babies and it’s edible. I meant this is my new favorite item and just wanted to share my experience as well. Let me know if there are any new ways to use this product, i’d love to hear. Till’ next time!




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