Four Tips on a Successful Milk Bath


Hope all is well, If this is your first time here, Welcome! If you are a follower, Welcome back!  Glad to have all of you check in. So today I will be sharing my four tips for a successful Milk Bath Session. Tips I give my clients to ensure that everything goes smoothly and the outcome is something beautiful.

To Start off, Tip Number One: Be sure to bring extra clothes and undergarments. I’m pretty sure you do not want to go home in a soggy bra containing the milk bath water and later smelling like mildew, yuck! I know it seems like a silly one, but trust me when you are pregnant and you have a million things to do plus you are exhausted from carrying the little one. Clients tend to forget this and IT’S OKAY!! We are all human and I’m just here to help.

Tip Number Two: If you have a little hair on your legs or on your body you are not comfortable with, don’t forget that quick shave. If you are comfortable with that, then you work it girl! either way it’s all down to preference but these are a few things that get left in the back burner and you realize once it’s happening. On that note as well I’ll add to make sure you don’t forget about your toes and fingernails…just incase you wanted to have that extra color in the portrait. 😉

Tip Number Three: Be sure to bring a nude color bra or if you are comfortable with pasties please let me know ahead of time and I can have those ready for you ladies. Also if you have nude or white undies, this is the time for them to shine. You want to be sure pack those in. I’m sure you momma’s don’t want your red undies shinning through.

and last but not least Tip Number Four: Please let me know of any allergies before the session!! I do work with all natural fresh flowers and plants that you (mommies) would be in contact with. Your safety is very important so if you are scheduled to do a milk bath with me or your local photographer, please let them know. We can accommodate to your needs and still come out with stunning session.

I hope this helped any expecting mother’s working with me in the future or any photographer as far as milk bath’s. Hope you enjoy yourselves and relax, Milk bath’s are one of the most relaxing sessions you’ll ever have. Take Care Mommies! – Carla

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