Blue Flowers

IMG_0631 copySo this post was written due to a recent dilemma that occurred to me recently. I had a milk bath session coming up and it was very unique. It started maybe a month ago when this mommy contacted me letting me know she wanted a very special session for her very special baby.

Long story short we came up with the idea of making this rainbow of flowers for her milk bath. We needed every color, but blue was the color that was challenging to find. This brilliant mommy had a great idea. She suggested we dipped white flowers in blue food coloring, so I began to work.

Thing is there was nothing really on the internet on how to change the color of a flower. There for, my post. It’s actually pretty simple if you ever want to add some color to a white flower. All you need is food coloring, warm water and a white flower.

First you want to grab the stem of the flower and make sure it’s not too long. The longer the stem is, the longer it takes for the color to reach the top. You want to make sure that the stem is cut in half at them bottom. If you want to do a rainbow colored flower you want to split it in four. Then you add about thirty drops to every cup of warm water and leave the flowers to soak over night. When morning comes, Presto! (in my case) Blue flowers!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good post to share. Hope you enjoyed it! -Carla

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