Recent Newborn Session

SONY DSCHello there,

Hope all of you have been doing well. This is going to be a short, but sweet post in regards to one of my recent newborn session. This above is baby Alex. He was such a natural.

Baby Alex was such a champ when it came to taking off his blanket for the diaper portion of the session. Mommy did have the heater on, but I’m sure taking off his snuggly blanket was not his first thing he had in mind. Funny thing is that mommy let me know that baby Alex actually didn’t like wearing clothes, so it all made sense.

I did work with real plants for his session as well. Don’t worry! I don’t have the plants touching the baby or anything like that. I just LOVE working with natural plants and flowers in every session. That is just something I fell in love doing and Placing each stem or petal in the right spot makes it all that more special for that end product.

For baby Alex I didn’t use any flowers and just ended up working with a few stems and leaves to surround him and this is one of the finished portraits of him. I just thought I’d share a little more into this session. Soon I’ll be posting more frequently on more sessions I complete. Till then, Happy Days – Carla E.


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