Teething Babies


Hello there,

Hope you’ve all been great. Having a baby definitely had me looking on the web for remedies and cure. When it came to being a first time mama and my baby going through a lot of firsts, yes you guessed it. I am guilty of looking up home remedies on Pinterest. So what did I find? Well below I’ll be listing a few things that worked for me and my Mila and hope it helps you as well.

  1. Having Teethers with silicone texture. My God was this a life saver for our family!! I don’t get any commission on this but I am going to rant about the brand Nuby. From the first teethed she received as a gift she fell in love. She love the feeling of grinding her gums/teeth on them. What I loved was that the texture was so gentle on her gums. Not once did they look irritated so we upgraded to the teething necklace and keys and well, she had about 6 Nuby teethers now.

2. Cold Water.  Yes, a little odd I know but Mila LOVED drinking cold water during this face. I looked up and found that the cold helps baby soothe the pain. It all made sense. This made both of us happy because I wanted to make sure she was hydrated so this option helped a lot in that area.

3. Breast Milk Popsicles. There are actually molds you can order online for this. As a breast feeding mama I thought this was genius! Your baby gets a treat and it soothes her gums.

4. Be VERY patient. I know it get very tough sometimes and you might want to rip out your hair. It’s only a faze. He or she will make you smile once they are happy again and you’ll forget all about this part of life. Mila was sooo fussy during this time and she would get fevers but all I could do was give her a little Motrin, hug her and breast feed her a little which she loves most. Something about being nuzzled up in a warm blanket with mom makes everything feel much better.

I know this was a short but it’s just what helped us. Every baby is different, so please try different and safe ways to soothe your baby’s pain until you find the right soothing technique for them. Talk to you guys soon!

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