Sports Photography?!

Photo equipment isn’t always the most affordable thing around. I was recently interested in doing a little more photography out of my norm and its fun to explore on the different types of photography.

If you’ve been following my Instagram post, then chances are that you know that I’ve been doing pictures for our family and going to soccer games a little more often and have been playing with a little more sports photography. I currently am not equipped with a $2,000 lens but I have been playing with my telephoto lens and I’m actually getting a feel for it.

Sports photography is all about timing. Getting that perfect image right before he scores when he’s going a million miles per hour is pretty crazy (*it feels like a million miles*). So what exactly have I learned from this experience???

One, don’t pick up the phone…oops wrong list! lol. If you got that you’ve probably have heard Dua Lipa’s song. Any who, I did learn that with outdoor sports photography you want to bring sun screen. Secondly a monopod will save your life! If you don’t have one I’d suggest investing in one because you never know when you might need a fast past shot. Lastly I learned that you are going to need a wide F-Stop in order to keep up with those fast paced shots. Hope this helps out anyone out there experimenting with sports photography as well.


p.s. I do not label myself as a sports photographer 🙂

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