YouTube in the Near Future


Hope everyone is doing well!

I feel like this year is flying by. Already May has begun and I’m here with my baby watching Elmo. So what’s new with MCP?? Well for years I have talked with my business partner about starting  a YouTube channel. First it was going to be in unrelated stuff like challenges and just my best friend and I enjoying life. That quickly went out the window when we both realized we were adults with too many things going on in our daily lives.

So what now? Well I really want to let you all in to a part of MCP that you’ve never seen before. The hard work, long nights, the fun sessions, photo hacks and all the little stuff in between that makes it part of my life. I guess what I’m thinking is not only the hacks but a vlog. I want to keep in touch with everyone out there and have a connection with everyone that would want one at least! lol

So why has this taken me so long? Well I’m terrified of putting myself on the World Wide Web. Scary shit out there (excuse my french). Once something is up on the internet there is no way of taking it back. I feel like this is something I need to overcome. My Mt. Everest if you may. I’ve always been insecure and it’s something that I feel has held me back. I am slowly getting comfortable in my own skin and I feel more prepared about this channel I’ll be starting soon. So I ask please be gentle on judgement. I am only getting started. Also Thank you to all of you who are supporting me in this chapter I will be opening in my life. I will forever love you!!

  • Carla E.


Sports Photography?!

Photo equipment isn’t always the most affordable thing around. I was recently interested in doing a little more photography out of my norm and its fun to explore on the different types of photography.

If you’ve been following my Instagram post, then chances are that you know that I’ve been doing pictures for our family and going to soccer games a little more often and have been playing with a little more sports photography. I currently am not equipped with a $2,000 lens but I have been playing with my telephoto lens and I’m actually getting a feel for it.

Sports photography is all about timing. Getting that perfect image right before he scores when he’s going a million miles per hour is pretty crazy (*it feels like a million miles*). So what exactly have I learned from this experience???

One, don’t pick up the phone…oops wrong list! lol. If you got that you’ve probably have heard Dua Lipa’s song. Any who, I did learn that with outdoor sports photography you want to bring sun screen. Secondly a monopod will save your life! If you don’t have one I’d suggest investing in one because you never know when you might need a fast past shot. Lastly I learned that you are going to need a wide F-Stop in order to keep up with those fast paced shots. Hope this helps out anyone out there experimenting with sports photography as well.


p.s. I do not label myself as a sports photographer 🙂

Teething Babies


Hello there,

Hope you’ve all been great. Having a baby definitely had me looking on the web for remedies and cure. When it came to being a first time mama and my baby going through a lot of firsts, yes you guessed it. I am guilty of looking up home remedies on Pinterest. So what did I find? Well below I’ll be listing a few things that worked for me and my Mila and hope it helps you as well.

  1. Having Teethers with silicone texture. My God was this a life saver for our family!! I don’t get any commission on this but I am going to rant about the brand Nuby. From the first teethed she received as a gift she fell in love. She love the feeling of grinding her gums/teeth on them. What I loved was that the texture was so gentle on her gums. Not once did they look irritated so we upgraded to the teething necklace and keys and well, she had about 6 Nuby teethers now.

2. Cold Water.  Yes, a little odd I know but Mila LOVED drinking cold water during this face. I looked up and found that the cold helps baby soothe the pain. It all made sense. This made both of us happy because I wanted to make sure she was hydrated so this option helped a lot in that area.

3. Breast Milk Popsicles. There are actually molds you can order online for this. As a breast feeding mama I thought this was genius! Your baby gets a treat and it soothes her gums.

4. Be VERY patient. I know it get very tough sometimes and you might want to rip out your hair. It’s only a faze. He or she will make you smile once they are happy again and you’ll forget all about this part of life. Mila was sooo fussy during this time and she would get fevers but all I could do was give her a little Motrin, hug her and breast feed her a little which she loves most. Something about being nuzzled up in a warm blanket with mom makes everything feel much better.

I know this was a short but it’s just what helped us. Every baby is different, so please try different and safe ways to soothe your baby’s pain until you find the right soothing technique for them. Talk to you guys soon!

Recent Newborn Session

SONY DSCHello there,

Hope all of you have been doing well. This is going to be a short, but sweet post in regards to one of my recent newborn session. This above is baby Alex. He was such a natural.

Baby Alex was such a champ when it came to taking off his blanket for the diaper portion of the session. Mommy did have the heater on, but I’m sure taking off his snuggly blanket was not his first thing he had in mind. Funny thing is that mommy let me know that baby Alex actually didn’t like wearing clothes, so it all made sense.

I did work with real plants for his session as well. Don’t worry! I don’t have the plants touching the baby or anything like that. I just LOVE working with natural plants and flowers in every session. That is just something I fell in love doing and Placing each stem or petal in the right spot makes it all that more special for that end product.

For baby Alex I didn’t use any flowers and just ended up working with a few stems and leaves to surround him and this is one of the finished portraits of him. I just thought I’d share a little more into this session. Soon I’ll be posting more frequently on more sessions I complete. Till then, Happy Days – Carla E.


Blue Flowers

IMG_0631 copySo this post was written due to a recent dilemma that occurred to me recently. I had a milk bath session coming up and it was very unique. It started maybe a month ago when this mommy contacted me letting me know she wanted a very special session for her very special baby.

Long story short we came up with the idea of making this rainbow of flowers for her milk bath. We needed every color, but blue was the color that was challenging to find. This brilliant mommy had a great idea. She suggested we dipped white flowers in blue food coloring, so I began to work.

Thing is there was nothing really on the internet on how to change the color of a flower. There for, my post. It’s actually pretty simple if you ever want to add some color to a white flower. All you need is food coloring, warm water and a white flower.

First you want to grab the stem of the flower and make sure it’s not too long. The longer the stem is, the longer it takes for the color to reach the top. You want to make sure that the stem is cut in half at them bottom. If you want to do a rainbow colored flower you want to split it in four. Then you add about thirty drops to every cup of warm water and leave the flowers to soak over night. When morning comes, Presto! (in my case) Blue flowers!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good post to share. Hope you enjoyed it! -Carla

Four Tips on a Successful Milk Bath


Hope all is well, If this is your first time here, Welcome! If you are a follower, Welcome back!  Glad to have all of you check in. So today I will be sharing my four tips for a successful Milk Bath Session. Tips I give my clients to ensure that everything goes smoothly and the outcome is something beautiful.

To Start off, Tip Number One: Be sure to bring extra clothes and undergarments. I’m pretty sure you do not want to go home in a soggy bra containing the milk bath water and later smelling like mildew, yuck! I know it seems like a silly one, but trust me when you are pregnant and you have a million things to do plus you are exhausted from carrying the little one. Clients tend to forget this and IT’S OKAY!! We are all human and I’m just here to help.

Tip Number Two: If you have a little hair on your legs or on your body you are not comfortable with, don’t forget that quick shave. If you are comfortable with that, then you work it girl! either way it’s all down to preference but these are a few things that get left in the back burner and you realize once it’s happening. On that note as well I’ll add to make sure you don’t forget about your toes and fingernails…just incase you wanted to have that extra color in the portrait. 😉

Tip Number Three: Be sure to bring a nude color bra or if you are comfortable with pasties please let me know ahead of time and I can have those ready for you ladies. Also if you have nude or white undies, this is the time for them to shine. You want to be sure pack those in. I’m sure you momma’s don’t want your red undies shinning through.

and last but not least Tip Number Four: Please let me know of any allergies before the session!! I do work with all natural fresh flowers and plants that you (mommies) would be in contact with. Your safety is very important so if you are scheduled to do a milk bath with me or your local photographer, please let them know. We can accommodate to your needs and still come out with stunning session.

I hope this helped any expecting mother’s working with me in the future or any photographer as far as milk bath’s. Hope you enjoy yourselves and relax, Milk bath’s are one of the most relaxing sessions you’ll ever have. Take Care Mommies! – Carla

Organic Coconut Oil in My Life

Hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far. So I’ve heard several stories on different uses of coconut oil and I’m one that has to “See to Believe” and this post will be about my actual experiences with the product.

What I can say is quality does matter. I tried a product from your regular super market and even though it said didn’t really seem that way. I thought maybe i’d still give it a go since it would be my first time. I went home and started using it on my hair and it felt okay, but it didn’t have that WOW factor that Pinterest users were raving about.What did I do wrong?

Let me tell you, that product took sooo long to finish. I felt that it took a year. Great price, not so much the quality. So what do you look for when you shop for Coconut Oil. Pay attention to detail first off. Make sure you read the label to really know what you are getting. I went with an Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Virgin Oil by Simply Nature.( If you saw my last post on Instagram you’ll see the picture of the actual product and I’ll put the link below.) I had fallen in love. All it took was one touch and I was sold. I felt the difference in texture and it was amazing, not to mention I found it for just $4.99.

So this is when I really started using it in my life. I stated by massaging it on to my scalp as a hair mask. Left it in for an hour and this is what everyone was posting about. I had truly seen for myself what this product could do. I had soft silky hair with shine and no grease, it’s quite extraordinary. I was obsessed with what I could apply this product to. Soon it became my:

  • Face and Body Moisturizer
  • Make up Remover
  • Lip Balm
  • Teeth whitener (with baking soda)
  • eczema reliever for Mila and I

The list could go on and on. I highly suggest this product to be in your home. This is a more organic way for your body to intake daily care without the extra chemicals and is perfectly safe around babies and it’s edible. I meant this is my new favorite item and just wanted to share my experience as well. Let me know if there are any new ways to use this product, i’d love to hear. Till’ next time!